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How to pick the right Milwaukee Battery for your projects

How to pick the right Milwaukee Battery for your projects

With our Big Red Milwaukee Sale on now we thought now would be as good a time as ever to give you the 411 on M18 batteries and why the new high output batteries are right for you!

When choosing a battery, there are 2 choices: M18 Red Lithium batteries and M18 Red Lithium High output batteries. Milwaukee has been in a leader in the industry when it comes to producing batteries and they made no exception when producing the M18 Red Lithium High Output batteries. 

To start, the High output batteries have 21,700 cells which is 46% more capacity than the 18,650 cells that have been used for the last 10 years. The high output batteries feature the M18’s most advanced lithium-ion cell and was specially built to minimize heat generation and be the most advanced protection against jobsite conditions. The high output batteries also feature  Redlink intelligence that communicates between battery and tool for full system compatibility and advanced charging components that allow for faster charging times. 

When you add of these innovations together, it results in higher output, which allows you to push your Milwaukee tools harder & for longer periods of time! With more time working and less time at the charger, your productivity is improved, and so are your profits!

Red lithium high output batteries are available in CP3.0Ah compact, High Output 6.0Ah, High Output XC8.0Ah as well as HD12.0Ah. If you have any questions about choosing your next battery, or are ready to purchase, reach out to us and if we don’t have exactly what your looking for, we’ll order it in!

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